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Create Surveys

Create as many surveys as you want with our easy-to-use quiz builder. From adding images and videos to uploading files, C-ASK allows you to customise your surveys and forms to boost user engagement and increase completion rates. Design surveys that feel less like interrogations, and more like conversations.Learn More

Multiple Questions

Use as many questions as you need to create the perfect survey or a quiz. C-ASK offers 13 types of most commonly used questions.

Multiple Responses

Collect an unlimited number of responses, which means your respondents can take the survey more than once.

Response Limiter

The limiter allows you to limit the number of responses whenever needed.

Layouts, Presets, & Formatting

C-ASK supports pagination, labels, numbering, and predesigned surveys to make the process quick and hassle-free.

Multimedia Questions

Add your photos and videos to questions. You can also choose visuals from our built-in library.

Expert Quizzes

C-ASK sends feedback based on whether the response is correct or not, which saves you from hours of manual evaluation.

Skippers ON/OFF

Allow users to skip questions they don’t want to answer, giving them the freedom to choose.


Unify several different tools into one and enjoy an advanced experience with a consolidated platform.

Real-Time Monitoring

Track the progress of the survey with a real-time progress bar on the top of the quiz page.


From text formatting, to URL customisation, to creating an outro and thank you page, C-ASK supports full customisation of the survey form.

Logo & Footers

You can even personalise the survey by inserting your logo and removing page footers.

Q&A Architect

Leverage user input to create a set of personalised questions based on previous answers.

Validator & Shuffler ON/OFF

Disable the option for users to use text in responses that do not meet your pre-defined criteria. You can even randomise questions to create fair quizzes.

And Much More

C-ASK has an intuitive dropdown menu for easy access. You can upload any file to the survey and choose from a wide range of language options. Also, set an end date for the survey.

Share Surveys

Share surveys with your team, customers, and partners to uncover complex insights and propel your business to the forefront of your industry. Collect responses compliant with multiple local and federal regulations.Learn More

User Profiles

Connect multiple user profiles and get access to various team-building tools that use group effort for building and tracking surveys, rating questions, and more.

Team Evaluation

Analyse and share survey responses and data with your team. Also, share themes and ideas with the team to drive innovation. Select your project leader unanimously.

Sharing Options

Share your survey with users via email, social media, and embedded links, and redirect users to your website upon survey completion.

HTML Invites

You can also send invites for participation in the survey by using HTML.

Survey Format

Create and share surveys in multiple formats. You can save your file in CSV, XLS, and PDF formats.

Track Surveys

Keep an eye on all surveys with embedded tools that support the most advanced research and analysis of collected data from your surveys. Create strategies to meet ever-evolving employee and customer expectations through real-time survey tracking.Learn More

User info & Clicks

Collect and record user information during every survey. When all necessary answers are collected, the survey will automatically end.


Use filters to create pie charts and all types of graphs for the best visibility of the collected data.

One-Click Printing

Print files - from surveys to all created charts and reports – with a single click. You can also save your file in multiple formats (CSV, XLS, and PDF).

Keyword Rating

Analyse text and most commonly used phrases to research and categorise responses and overall tone of answers.


Follow changes in responses to identify any trends as time elapses.

Help & Security

Facing issues with your C-ASK survey builder? Our support team is available round the clock to tackle all concerns and queries.Learn More


We offer 24/7 email and phone support to solve any problems you may face when using C-ASK.

Help Desk

Our multilingual support staff ensures no question ever goes unanswered.

Tracker ON/OFF

Track and decode user’s IP and email addresses for added security.

Private ON/OFF

Make your surveys private by using a password and enabling IP blocking.